Monday, July 20, 2009

Ignorance and Arrogance

The Ignorance and Arrogance of other's never ceases to amaze me? Really are we not all the same? On the same road trying to find our way. We will all make mistakes, but is up to us to show grace to humanity, we all fall short daily. People can really be annoying, if you set out to find something wrong with someone else it won't be that hard to do I promise you. It is when we allow our minds to fabricate things about other's that makes us beyond wrong. I am by no means a perfect person nor would I ever claim to be the brightest, the best or the greatest at anything. I do my best to be an open book, yet I am cautious of other's. Why would it be justified to go after someone else morally, mentally, physically? Does it bring people joy to see other's suffer? I do think it is part of human nature but a little immature to hurt just because we have been. Or to show power of someone else, pretend we know what they think or feel. I think this kind of person has a God complex and needs humility.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Days

Summer has been non-stop. I love sleeping in till 10 am and staying up late with the boys. Days spent on the deck and outside. Today was spent at the pool with lots of friends! Next week we are off again on vacation to Red River, NM. Where the boys days and nights will be spent with daddy fishing! Yes, he looks up the fishing report everyday (as if it might change). Though I am not looking forward to a long car ride again I will be sad for summer to come to an end! Everyone goes back to school in August. We do find out what the baby is on August 3rd. There are times I still have mixed emotions about it, but I am sure it will all be fine in the end! 63 more days till he can start applying for a new store and we will see how long that will take and where it might lead us for the next chapter of our lives.