Friday, March 28, 2008

I need Momma

I need momma, has to be some of my favorite words ever...

I hear them when someone gets hurt.
When someone needs help.
When someone needs love.

These simple words remind me of the joy of being a mother to my four boys. It seems like whenever I have had a rough day, those simple words remind me of love.

I never wanted to be a mother until I met Kevin. Then I agreed to have four children. I never would have thought that I would have ended up having four boys. Even more astounding that I would not just like it, but fall in love with it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Day...

Yes, it is overcast outside, but yet we are still going to the park. No I haven't cleaned my house yet, but I will. Do you ever have those moments where you just need to get out? I am having one today! The rest of the week is going to be pretty nasty weather. So, even with cloud coverage we are going to the park! It seems like someone has been sick every week since we moved to Utah and I am so over it!

I have only 36 days till I go to Maryland to see Court get married to Joe. It will be fun to get to hang out with my girlfriends Karen and Charity. Karen is the one who got me into scrapbooking and was my 1st friend in MD. Charity and I hit it off right from the start she now has 4 boys just like me! So, I am excited and cannot wait. Court she was my nanny the 4 years we lived in Maryland, but she was more then that. She is like the little sister I never had. She is the one person who I know loves my boys just like I do. I am so happy for her, Joe seems like the perfect man for her!

Well I hope your Tuesday is a happy one...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Kallen

Today is Kallen's 4th birthday! I am going to take him and his brother's to Max-and-Cheese! It is a new kid friendly restaurant in Orem. It sounds like fun, they can write on the wall with chalk, build Lego men and all kinds of kid stuff! They have an adult menu and a fun kids menu.

When we asked Kallen what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said he wanted to go bowling. So we are waiting for daddy to be off late this week for that. Seriously I am brave and do more with 4 small boys then most but bowling is not one of them!

So I hope you Monday is grand! I plan on hangin' out with 4 of my favorite guys toady and just having fun!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Laughter is the best medicine

Last night we had a crop to help raise money in support of MOPs (Mother's of Preschoolers). It was so much fun! Lisa Bearnson and her sis Angela came by and they brought everyone Ali Edwards Courage of Hope mini book for everyone in attendance! They spent time just visiting with everyone and hanging out!

They are two of the nicest people I think that I have ever gotten to know! You know when you meet people like that, that they must come from an amazing family! You do not just get qualities like that from nothing! That is what I hope for. I hope that someday when my guys are all grown that they behave in a way that reflects the life that they have had. That is shows that Kevin and I have done a great job at raising loving, caring and giving men!

Giving is a priority me. I was raised serving soup at the mission in Dallas, Tx to the homeless, or my mom would take us to nursing homes when we were little and have us sing to the elderly. I've helped build schools on some of the toughest Indian Reservation in the US. I know it was through alot of these things that I became the person that I am now.

I want that for them. To know a life worth living is a life worth giving. To see the heart of humanity and understand that they can make a difference. So many people have nothing that they believe in, nothing that they feel strongly about. To often we live in a me society and that will never be the reality that they know.

It makes me think of the song "the Blessing" by John Waller here are the words:
John Waller - The Blessing From the album The Blessing

Chorus:Let it be said of us
While we walked among the living
Let it be said of us
By the ones we leave behind
Let it be said of us
That we lived to be a blessing for life
Let it be said of us
That we gave to reach the dying
Let it be said of us
By the fruit we leave behind
Let it be said of us
That our legacy is blessing for life
This day You set life, you set death right before us,
This day Every blessing and curse is a choice now
And we will choose to be a blessing for life
Let it be said of us
That our hearts belonged to Jesus
Let it be said of us
That we spoke the words of life
Let it be said of us
That our heritage is blessing for life
For your Kingdom, for our Children For the sake of every nation

So thank you Lisa and Angela for hanging out and making our night great!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

up swing...

Now that we are starting to feel better it is time to play catch up! Catch up on laundry, dishes and all sorts of cleaning. Not that my house is ever spotless, because living with 5 guys it will never be!

I am involved with a new recipe blog thanks to my beautiful friend Shanna over at Good Stuff Maynard so stop by and try out some of the good things these girls have been cookin' up!

Shanna is fabulous she was the first friend I made in Utah along with cooking she has been teaching me photography and lots of computer tips!

Well my laundry is beckoning me to come and finish it...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

7 Random things about me...

I was tagged by my beautiful friend Shanna so here we go:

  1. My mom needed a Rachel to go with her Rebekah and that is how I came to be.
  2. I am the youngest of six children.
  3. I have moved 43 times in my life and it seems to be a going trend still as an adult.
  4. I am a faithful friend once I love you, you are stuck with me for life no matter what!
  5. I know sign language.
  6. I love the colors green and orange something about them makes me happy.
  7. I am complex and easy going all at the same time...