Friday, January 30, 2009

My life with Boys

I know it sounds like a great title for a book or song. Some days I need girl time because I get so much boy time. So outside of family one of the best things for me is girl time. Every where we have moved I have been blessed with friendships that stand the test of time and distance. Thanks to email, telephones, blogs and facebook. It seems that everywhere we move I have a couple of really close friends that stay in touch and vice-versa.

I love that the one thing I need most I always seem to find! Tonight the boys are staying over with some friends from church, Kevin works late and I get some alone time. How will I spend my time you ask? Cleaning of course, nothing like having a empty house all to yourself.

Next year I will venture into a new phase of my life were K1,K2 and K3 will be in school everyday and K4 will be in preschool. I am not sure what all of that will feel like, but I think it will be more productive. Even as I sit and write this K4 is right beside me coloring!

He is always asking me mommy what will you do when I go to school?
me: Well, I will be at home or running errand like I do with you?
K4: All by yourself mommy?
me: Yes honey
K4: Will you be sad?
me: No I will be fine.
K4: Mommy, I want you to have a real live baby?
me: Why?
K4: Because I don't want you to be by yourself at home you might cry?

Note to self don't cry when he goes to school he will be so upset.

Even though being the mother of boys can be trying, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. They are some great guys that never cease to amaze me. They are very thoughtful, they play great together, they love being with just us. They are not high maintenance, they are just happy!

I love that about them!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For 1 day and 1 day only

Well, the sun is shining even though it is very cold. None the less it helps release the cobwebs from my head. I was meant to live in warm climates with maybe 2 or 3 months of winter not 8 months of winter.

I stared of the day with thoughts of my father. His best friend Greg has early on set Alzheimer's and it makes me sad. I have known Greg most of my life. He has been like a grandfather to me. I love him! All I could think of was my dad, how he and Greg did everything together they would watch a movie and fall asleep in recliners together. If one went on a road trip the other went along for the ride to keep the other company. Friends like that are hard to find. To see on was to see the other. They had been that way, they could always pick up where they left off with one another.

I am so glad that the last few years of my dad's life Greg and him were together. he loved Greg like a brother. Greg was always so caring and giving to my parent's. My dad was always talking about Greg. I adore him and it is hard for me to think of him not remembering things. So I pray that God in all His mercy is gracious to him just like he was to my father.

I love you Greg thank you for teaching me so many things. I have never forgotten the lessons that you taught me the summer at the Texas State Fair that I worked with you. I admire you in so many ways, your dedication, your hard work, your gentle and loving nature. Thank you for being apart of my life. Thank you for all of your help with dad's funeral I know how hard that was for you. Thank you for all of your jokes and for always teasing me. Like dad always said those are the things that build character:)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Slush is falling from the sky!

As the rain and snow mix together, it can not decided rather to snow or rain today! The perfect day to stay home and clean house. With 5 bathrooms and 5 loads of laundry calling my name I am sure today will be productive! The boys are of playing video games and my husband is watch the travel channel his new favorite Man VS. Food he watches it every chance he gets. I am sure he dreams of being able to eat at all of these places and try there food challenge. It's crazy I tell ya.

I am hoping to get back to the gym next week. I had to take the week off after an injury to my calf and I just don't feel as good not going! It breaks up my day and gives me time for girl talk, since I go with a friend of mine.

Lately I find myself dream of where we will live next and who even knows where that will be. But, with 233 days till he can start applying time is going by fast for me. My summer is planned.

1st the boys and I will go home to Oklahoma and Texas for a month. Then when we return swimming lessons for the 1st two weeks of July, then a trip to Red River at the end of July, back to school at the end of August then only a month till the day he can start looking for a new area.

Utah hasn't been all bad, we have made some great friends some I am sure will be with us forever. It has been a learning experience for me and the kids and that is always welcomed by me. I always seek new ways to grow as a person.

So here is to the clock ticking and me looking forward to moving hopefully closer to home, somewhere anywhere!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Well after last night and today I am feeling pretty accomplished. I have completed 2- 12x12 one page layouts and 7 12x12 two page layouts and a mini-album. I know to many of you this may not seem like a big deal. But, with my dad passing away I have want to complete a few things and this was one of them. I want to leave a story for my children long after I am gone. The most important pieces of life and everyday moments. So they will have these physical memories for the rest of their lives. I know I am cheesy and that is perfectly fine with me.

The boys love to sit and look at the scrapbooks now and talk about when they were little ( like they are so big now). They talk about where we lived at the time, who there firends were and what they liked most. With moving every two years I work hard to help them remember everything.

It also makes me think about them each indiviually as opposed to my boys all lumped together. They each have very special qualities.

By the way Shanna we were looking at the pics of K-1 and Charlie yeah he turned red all over and talked about how he misses hanging out with her! When did it stop being playing with her to hanging out with her???? And about going to the movies and getting to sit by themselves??? Like we were so far away (being right behind them) but, I guess it made him feel big!

So today I feel accomplished and we will see what tomorrow holds! Yes, my phone ringers were off all day not sure how that happened, but no complaints!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

uh yea!

So I have been busy, I know blog slacker. I am looking forward to a long weekend. I am going to do nothing but get caught up on a few projects (craft things) I have going on. Today some friends are coming over and we are going to craft. I have a few gifts to get ready. Plus I am just needing the entertainment. SO I promise I will fill you in on my life in the morning! 239 days and counting

Monday, January 5, 2009

It's a great life if you don't weaken...

That is a line from the movie Stella and one I tend to use alot. The snow is back and I am not feeling the love of it all. I am suppose to go to the airport tonight to pick up a friend and her family, so yeah not looking forward to that. Plus, her flight keeps getting delayed!

A few things I have been thinking about lately...

How to live a more compelling life!

I know strange deep things are what make up my thoughts and many of you do not get to see that side of me except through writing. Writing is where it all flows out of!

To me it is not so much measures in my self worth, accomplishments that most people would count as so.

To me it is about the heart and the things that matter most. It is about me and them. My boys all 5 of them if you include the giant one. It is about my mom, my friends. I often think of it as a quilt. The fabric that you sew together to tell a story. Each person has a special place. I don't ever want life to get out of control, where I do not have enough time for what matters most. So many things come and go in our lives we find out pretty quickly what matters. It is those who stand beside you no matter what. It is about the memories that you create, because that is what lives on long after you are gone.

i have been thinking about the things that I miss the most about my dad. And about what would be missed of me. At my father's funeral I wrote and read the eulogy. I had to cut it down several times because it was just to long. It was hard trying to remove parts of it, because they all meant so much to me. I want to leave that for my children to much to even be able to put it into words!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Life in motion!

This is what my afternoon was like... the boys and I went and saw Bedtime Stories...very cute!

Then we came home and made dinner, the boys were talking about what they were like when they were younger. Not that they are so old or something! So we watched old home movies from when they were born and when they were little!

So cute, make me think of how fast time is moving. When you are young you think it will last forever, then when you are older you wish it would you could turn back the hands of time.

I don't know about you, but my days were spent with friends and fishing. River parties and skippin class till we got caught!

My sister was always one of my closest friend, well she had to be we moved every two years. The best times were when we lived in San Fransisco and we would hang out on the block, ride the bus down to Pacifica and watch 2 movies for $2.50. It would take up most of our day! We would walk along the beach and talk to the surfers and just lay in the sand.

These are the type of memories that I want the boys to have. moving around only made me stronger. Moving made me more outgoing. I had to be if I wanted to make friends and I think that seeing all the different cultural places has made me a more open minded person. I tend to see more then one side of the box.

I hope that has not changed? We will see with our next move someday!

I hope that 2009 is on to bigger and better things for us. That we are blessed beyond measure and that where ever we go next is a new season in life foe us.

I hope that yours brings you more love and laughter then your heart and hands can hold!