Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life takes turns

Isn't it funny how things change so quickly? How irony always plays apart? How we meet the right people at just the right time in life? How they change us?

Irony~ My friend Shanna is moving to Texas. Right by where I use to live.
I am sure this will be a big adjustment for them. I am confidant that they will fall in love with it!
It will take them sometime getting use to the flatness, no snow and everyone smiling and saying hi, how are you today honey, ya'll and all that.

But, they will learn to love it! It is so different from here. But when one place is all you have ever known it is a hard transition. I will miss her alot though! She was my 1st friend in Utah, but I know we will remain friends. Plus you never know where I will end up next!

I cannot wait to hangout with her and the kids on Friday...

Monday, June 16, 2008


Well CathyZ is doing a scrapbook giveaway over on her blog. So stop by and show some love! She is wanting you to tell her something positive about yourself that you like! I think that we spend way to much time thinking about what we do not like instead of the things we do like! So think about what you like about yourself and show yourself some love!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Things have been crazzzay

Life has been pretty much a blur for the last few week...
I had gone to the doctor because I just have not been feeling like myself.
He took me off my birth control and did tons of blood work.
We his office called the other night and my Thyroid is way off.
So, they started me on medication, but he would like to see me
to discuss the rest of his findings! In my mind never a good thing!
So my appointment is next Wednesday and will see what he has to say!

All I hope is to be back in the swing of things soon!
My life does not condone taking a nap everyday.
By afternoon my battery is completely gone.
So whatever I need to get done has to be done by the
morning or else it is not getting done!

Hope your life is doing well!

Hey friend, do not worry about crazy people! I never do!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Winds of Change...

I can always tell when things are about to change in my life. Most people, just the thought of change terrifies them! Me, I thrive on it. I love motion, knowing that something will cause me to redefine who I am. Stretch me make me a better person. Just to learn more about myself and others. My husband on the other hand would like for life to go off without a beat missed and always be constant. I try to encourage him to step out of his comfort zone and see what life has to offer. Change is never easy, but I am ready for anything it has to offer, so bring on the winds and the rain!