Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hope filled joy!!!

All of my days seem to blend together anymore. The weeks seem to fly by! Not much has been happening just snow,snow,snow umm and more snow! Today was the first day that it was nice so needless to say every store and resturant in this area was full of people trying to get out and enjoy themselves.

I am going to Marylan in May and I cannot wait to just be around people that I love and I know love me! I miss them all so much and Court getting married is just the the topper.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're days blend so much - I need to be a better friend. I'm hoping you'll be free next week (read your MySpace comments).
We also need to have a glass of wine and work on your Flickr account!!
I can't wait until it warms up enough for us to take our cameras out and practice with yours :)

Anonymous said...

It was probably good that you guys didn't come over today. Jet threw up all over today right before nap time :(
I think it was a combination of his not feeling well and he over ate. I gave him a huge sandwich and instead of stopping when he was full he sat there for an hour and ate the entire thing. Gomer.
He just woke from his nap and doesn't feel very I'll keep you posted about Thursday. Who knows what he'll feel like then.
I hope your little guy feels better today too!!

Anonymous said...

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