Saturday, May 2, 2009

On the soap box

I am not the kind of person who whines if things do not go my way. I try to not be quick to anger. Though I am quick witted and can come up with some pretty snappy come backs! My husband and I are opposite in that. So when he tries to whine it does not go very far with me. I am the kind of person if you don't like it change it! I feel like we all have areas we could improve upon. Even though most of the time we do not until forced.

Life is not fair and it is what you make of it. I do not like my world being turn upside down,but when it is I try to go with the flow and not stress out. Because, really what does that help? It doesn't.

Another thing on my mind lately is what in world is wrong with people that they feel the need to lie? Are we not adults? Have we really not crossed that bridge? Do we really need to act like we are in high school and talk about people behind there backs while being nicey nicey to there faces? I am so sick of people telling me lies when I flat out point blank ask them something! And it is a simple yes or no answer and they choose to lie! For me to find out later that they are a big fat liar. Do people not understand that we are the example for our kids and if they hear us lying that they will lie. Not that i have not ever been guilty of a lie, because I have and it is not a quality that I am proud to once say was my own. Having kids has changed that all for me. Now that I see that they will and do act like me! It is scary!

Newsflash people it is okay to not be perfect! And you really are not fooling anyone!

Well that is enough of my soap box!


Cathy said...

I agree! It was great to see on Thurs. If it ever gets warm..lets go to the park!