Monday, November 23, 2009

Time is ticking away!

Time keeps on ticking, ticking away. Soon my life will add a fifth child and a girl at that. My girlfriend had a baby shower for me. It was the sweetest shower I have ever been to. She invited about 20 people, had a great lunch and instead of the normal games she had everyone pick a bead the say something about me and a attribute for Karly. Out of the beads two bracelets were made and she wrote down each word in a book that she made. Sarah is very clever like that. Thank you Sarah for being so thoughtful and such a sweet friend!
I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving, this year has flown by me. I am excited to see what the future holds for my family. Looking back over the boys lives, I think of the things that have happened I am thankful that my mind remembers them all so well. They grow up so fast as I look my almost 9 year old in the eyes now and how he is a carbon copy of his dad! My 7 year old, I would love to spend just one day inside his head to see where he comes up with this stuff. My almost 6 year old he is one person at home and another at school I would have never thought it! Mr. Popular! My 4 year old who could still your heart with just one glance!
Now there will be Karly in a few short weeks. I wonder who she will look like, who she will act like and what she will think of her life!


Anonymous said...

I'm envious that you are starting, yet again, with a brand new baby!! You sound happy! I'm so glad you're friend threw you a shower, you deserve it!! ;)