Sunday, October 11, 2009

Precious Moments

It is days like today that I am reminded of why I married this man. Because after 14 years of knowing him he is still the one I love. Not often am I mussy so deal with it this once. Watching him with our kids is the most amazing thing. Seeing the ways that they act just like him is beautiful at times. Knowing that no matter what life challenges we face he is always there for me rather I need him to be or not. That he always considers me, and wants to know how I feel about decisions that we have to make. He stands by me in my parenting and makes sure that what I say goes. He knows that he can work 80 hours a week and that the balance of our home life lots of times falls on my shoulders. He is very understanding, yet at the same time when I am wrong he waits for me to realize it instead of throwing it in my face. He is not the arguing type and refuses most times to even do it. He wants to take care of his family. All he ever wanted to be was a daddy and now his dream of having a girl is coming true. Not that he does not love his boys because trust me he does, he just wanted a daughter. I am glad that he is getting that in life to be a father to a little girl that I know will grow up thinking her daddy hangs the moon!