Friday, October 9, 2009


We all have those moments where a child drives us over the edge... The best way that I have found to deal with this to to call a good mommy friend who knows exactly what you are talking about! So you can scream, yell, vent or cry to them about it and they don't think you are crazy! That is unless they are one of those mom's, you know the one's! The one's who pretend like their kids never do anything wrong and that they have never had a moment like that! Yeah right, it you are a mom you have had a moment like that I assure you. I love having friends who know what i am talking about and find some way to make me laugh about it. I know no matter what I am going through that day that I can call her and she will make me laugh about it. It is perfect to have someone who shares your sense of humor and gets you with out having to say a word they know where you are coming from. My kids for the most part are good boys, but trust me they have those days that everything goes wrong and I have to find a way to get them back on track! I love them and I love being a mother, but there are days you can either laugh or cry about things I prefer to laugh!


Anonymous said...

You know I want to be like you when I grow up, right? I keep waiting for the day you call me to say you're moving back!