Monday, November 15, 2010

Moment by Moment

Well K-5 took her first step yesterday then promptly fell because everyone was screaming at her and clapped her hands. She knew she must of done something great but was not quit sure what! She will be off and running by her 1st birthday I am sure.

Today it is raining, sleeting and snowing. It will leave a nice mess on the ground by the time for carpool.

I have been reminded of how blessed I am here in Utah. We have a great group of friends. We went out this weekend to a restaurant that had a live band and then to a movie. It is great when 8 of your closest friend and spouses or dates come along. I will miss these days when we are gone. I share my life here with some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. They have enriched my life so much over the last 3 years. They each bring something to the table so to speak. They make me want to be a better friend, wife, mother and all around person. They each have such unique qualities that I love. They have all made the last 3 years of my life worth all that has happened. We have laughed, cried, been by each others side through some very difficult times. I know that I can count on them no matter what or where I am.

I love you girls, you are sown into the fabric of who I am, and who I will forever be... Thank you for being a friend!