Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What would you do?

A good friend of mine called me upset last night at midnight... Her 16 year old son had just been picked up by the police. He and his cousin were doing art work in a public bathroom at a local park. I feel for her and it also makes me think of my own parents and all that I put them through. You see I was not a model child by any means. It does not mean that I did not have great parents who tried to do right by me. They really were good. It was me the bad kid. The best thing my parents ever did was work me to death. Remember this if nothing else. Idle Hands Bare no Fruit, so it is time to get to work.

So today I have two young men who are not bad kids. They are just making bad decisions pulling weeds in my yard, then they will trim the hedges and re stack boxes in the garage. I am also going to find some others for them to do work for this week. Poor kid I have already made him cry twice. But, it is good for him and hopefully this will help him understand,

That right now at his point in his life,
He is defining who he will be,
What kind of character, integrity and moral conduct he will have.

Right now he is choosing what kind of man he will be.

God help my boys, this is what I do to someone else's kid.

Everyday we are given should be a day that we see life and experience it. Cherish the moment make sure your kids know you love them and also make sure they know you will work them to death if they step out of line. Doing for others is what gives us perspective.

Working is what builds our character and shows us how productive we can be. It also helps for inward reflection. The best years of my life and the most defining we spent serving others...


Anonymous said...

Good for you!! I think it's great that you're helping your friend by taking her kids!