Sunday, July 27, 2008

Me vita loca

Well, it has been a whirlwind of a month!

July 24th what is that you say! Well it is the day Utah became a state. For all of you non-Utah readers I know this sounds strange. But, around here it is a big deal! Parades fireworks all kinds of cray. Me I went tubing down the Provo River! Fun yes, but not like the Guadalupe River back home! Still fun none the less!

Tomorrow is the start of Vacation Bible School. All the excitement! It is going to be a crazy week and on Friday! My in-laws will be here! I am so looking forward to them coming to visit. I have been feeling homesick more lately then ever. My mother-in-law will be able to fix that for me! A good Lemon meringue pie, Canasta till late in the night and Mama mia!

Ever since Shanna left I have been wishing I were back home. The comforts of food, shopping, and life like I know it. Have consumed my thoughts. Crickets it the hot sticky night air. I love Texas and i cannot wait for summer to come back around so that I can go home and visit!

Go back to the place where ya'll and ain't are apart of everyday life! Where it is so humid that you take a shower every time you go inside the house. Late nights at the pool are a must, ice cold sweet tea all day long. Sitting on the block after dark with all my friends just laughing and watching the kids play. These are the things that I miss about home!

Hang in there Shanna it will soon be apart of your life as well. You'll start to meet people and the kids will get into school and you'll all make friends, you will love it !


Anonymous said...

I sure hope so! We did meet a couple neighbors the other day. One lady's name is Dolly - how fitting for Texas is that? ;)

mitchells2000 said...

Happy Birthday, Friend! Hope your day was FANTASTIC! :-)