Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moving on...

K-2's teacher called this morning and he is being moved up to 1st grade math. You gotta love it when your child who just started kindergarten is being moved up in the 1st 2 weeks of school. He is a smart kid, I don't know what I am going to do with any of them when they will all be smarter then me by the time they are in the 3rd grade!

I am hoping my mom will be here before her birthday so we can help her celebrate it! It will be nice to get to have her around for a while. I had been missing them so much! It will give the boys a chance to get to play with her! She is a great grandma! She does all kinds of fun stuff with them and they love getting the extra attention! It will give her a break from life and a time to rest and get focused on herself now! I know that she can do anything that she sets her mind to. I wish she would write some children's books! Like an adventure for boys. There are no good books out there for boys! She use to make up stories when I was a kid with big glasses of chocolate milk it was the best.

Well I better be off to the rest of my laundry Shanna would be so proud at how organized I am getting now that I now longer have her around to waste my days with!


Anonymous said...

I am SO proud of you and your new found organization skills! :)
I think that if/when your mom comes to visit you should try and help her write (or at least start) a boy's book! It would be a great thing to get her mind off of things and who knows...maybe that would be the next chapter in her life...