Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a week

Well with the BIG K gone it has been a long week, and honestly it has only been 2 days so far ! But, hey that is a long time to play single mom for a mother of 4. Last Friday K-2 had a carnival for school. What a time that was. Why parents do not see it as there responsibility to raise kids is something I do not understand. I think how my children are is a reflection of the love, discipline and time that I invest in them. Why the state of Utah does not see that I am not sure. What do parent's think the kids will turn out like! We are suppose to give them direction, teach them to be curdious, to treat others how they want to be treated. Not just let them run wild, sass you and be disrespectful to others. This has been one of my biggest issues with living here. Maybe that is because I come form the Midwest where everything is yes ma'am and no sir. Where the kids are kids and the adults are adult and until you are of a proper age you do not question the authority that God gave them over you! My mother would have slapped my face if I talked to her the way I hear kids talk to parents!

I expect my children to behave in public or at home. They need to use good manners and treat others how they want to be treated! They know that if the behave there are rewards and if they do not there will be consequences. That my friend is just the way it is. I am a woman in a house with 5 guys, they all know that I am the queen and they have to obey!

In return I love them, feed them all the foods they love and we get to do fun things because they are well behaved when we go somewhere.


Guinhyvar said...

Hey! I know you! Ok, well, sorta I know you as in I know you through Shanna and I know you from CM and I know you from the ONE conversation we have had on the phone. And NOW I will know you on Blogger too!

Ain't that grand? haha