Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A work in Progress

Do you ever feel like you are a work in progress? I feel that way all the time. I will never be finished always incomplete. Everyday brings promise of change in my life, maybe because I am open to it. I learn something new about myself, things I like and don't like. The things that are the hardest are the things I don't like and that I need to work on so that I do change. I never pretend that I know it all because trust me I don't. I try not to talk about things that I have not been through and value people who have. I want to be open to listen to really hear what someone else has to say. I want to be a good friend the kind I want people to be to me. It is hard for me to understand people who cannot put themselves in someone Else's place because I do it all the time. I want to be compassionate to always admit when I am wrong. So, why do some people not or not even have that thing in them that says your wrong you have hurt someone?

On a lighter note K-2 turned 6 last Friday...someone tell me where the time goes? I cannot even tell anymore. Next time a wake up they are going to be off to college or having a baby of there own.

My mom is half way here. She is staying for about a month, it will be good for us all to get to be together.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I give up, who are you talking about? If it's me you better just fess up and spill it!!!

What happened the other day when your munchkin started crying on the phone? Is he ok?

Ok, now you have me paranoid. It's cool. Really. I'm fine.