Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Morning

This morning no one wanted to get out of bed as the crisp Autumn air filled the house. The four K's came dragging upstairs. They reluctantly got dressed and so began another day. As I walked through the house with my first very needed cup of coffee I saw one getting breakfast another staring off into space not quite ready to focus on his day, one needing help getting his pj's off his head while the other hummed a tune as he was brushing his teeth. Can you guess who is who in this picture? K-1 was eating, K-3 was not focused, K-4 needed help and yes K-2 was humming! They day is packed full yet again, I am off to teach math to some very advanced 1st graders, then parent teacher conferences, carpool, homework with 4 kids, dinner, dishes, laundry and on no sleep. This little girl that I carry inside me I am sure is already anticipating life on the outside as she only likes to sit in my ribs and make me uncomfortable all night.

How did I get so lucky to have these four guys in my life. It takes more power then I have at times not to bite them and smush them up. K3 always tells me after dinner "thanks mom for the great dinner, I loved it" where do these people come from? Some people say good parenting, but trust me that did not come from me! I think it is pure luck and I hit the jackpot. Though at times they make me crazy and there are not enough hours in my day! I wouldn't trade this life with all it's up's and down's for anything else.

I love mud covered kisses and boys talking about snot! I just hope that I will feel the same way about sugar and spice and everything nice! A good friend of mine said it best when she is entering high school K-4 will be going to college and you won't have to feel guilty about focusing all your energy on her and making sure she stays out of trouble!

So needless to say I am thankful, thankful for this crazy time in my life where everything moves a warp speed and all the days blend together. Thankful for these little hands that I get to hold even though some of them are almost as big as mine! Thankful for the young men that they are! Ready to see if I can love another just as much as them!