Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just for Shanna

I will post some more later this is all I have time for right now! Send me the link for what I am suppose to use:)

Today we have snow in the Valley... 6-8 inches over the weekend. You no you misses it! I am so not ready for it. Not if it is like last year! Right now it is falling like rain out there. The big fat flakes that make you think of New England winter's. So today is Potatoe soup for lunch and a roast for dinner!

I had some crunchy scrimps last night and thought of you...My fair weathered friend!
It is days like this that make me want to stay in bed. I so get how bears can sleep all winter.

I have baby shower invitations to do today along with house cleaning, yes I have neglected it. With my mom only being here for a matter of days more. I have just been enjoying the moment!

Hope you fall is warm and not snow covered like mine!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm crunchy scrimps!
I'm sorry that it's snowing there...I'm still in tank tops! I'm so glad the heat & humidity of the summer is over though.
Make a snow man for me if it does snow!

lvs2dance said...

Love the hair!!! He looks just like you!!! LOL
I hope that you will be at our scrapbook night on Tuesday. I can't wait to visit with ya!

Karen said...

omgoodness - how cute! I have those same pajamas for Trenton. :) Snowing already - yikes!! It has been in the upper 70s the past couple days - I'm ready for Fall though and crisp air!