Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today Shanna

I found Shanna on line at We started chatting and figured out we had a lot of things in common. Our husbands both worked for the same company. We were both stay at home moms and were willing to do anything for our kids. So we decided to meet and have lunch let the boys play you know. Shanna showed up late. For a while I thought what am I doing this woman isn't not going to show up. So I checked my messages at home and she was running late! Shanna was very quite and shy as well. Yes, I like that kind of friend. They tend to be faithful.
We hit it off from the start and haven't stopped going since. Now that you have the low down on how we hooked up here is what I have to say about her.

I love Shanna she is so funny. She is a great mom, she spends alot of time with her kids and is always coming up with fun ideas to do with them. She is a great photographer, very compassionate. The first time I gave her a hug she stiffened up so that made me hug her even more. She finally got use to it:) We would hang out together and laugh the whole time. She has a beautiful smile. She is the kind of friend that will stand by you no matter what. She always has something nice to say. She has a way about her that just makes you happy to be around her. She is very open and free and non-judging. She wears her heart on the outside for the world to see. She was my first friend in Utah and I miss her deeply!


Anonymous said...

Aww listen to you say such nice things about me! You left out the part where I was INSANE and let you drive away with my baby. ;)