Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How do you make a difference?

I look around and see so many parents detached from everyday life with kids. Mostly, sadly mom's. How do we make a difference in the world.

Let me tell you how? One child at a time.
Make sure you encourage them.
Show them you love them.
Tell them your proud of them.
Push them beyond comfort zones.
Show them what hard work is.
Be the best example in there young lives.

The most important thing we can give is faith, ethic, imagination, perseverance and determination. Let them know that nothing is impossible if they work hard enough. If they don't like something they have the power to change it. All it takes is a conscious effort. Never lose hope, cling to faith and build on love.

I was reminded what I have lost by my sister who was having a bad day. Feeling overwhelmed still about losing our father. Missing that force that kept her going. My dad was so good about telling you how proud he was of you. Pointing out what you were good at and yet encouraging you in the areas that you needed to work on. Never sounding self righteous always pushing you to strive. Always showing you that he believed in you. I realize how many parents do not know what that looks like. How can we show something if we were never shown it? It takes making an effort to see beyond yourself.

I think that so many people get caught up living life that they lose sight of the most important things. Somewhere in there we have to stop and see today as a day to change. I feel as though I am a work in progress everyday of my life. Learning a lesson out of every day. Wanting to be better then what I am.

I want to be a better wife, a better mother, a better friend, a better listener, a better person...

I do not want to get lost in the busy nothingness of life, I always want to see today with renewed vision, faith and love.

I see them my four boys as hope and wanting a better way for them. i know I cannot keep them from failure nor do I want to. It was in the wreck of my life that I found myself, that I became who I am. I want them to know that it is never to late to change.

Sorry for all the reflecting and inner reflection posts guess it is just where I am at right now in life.

So as the snow falls here in Utah and the mountains are once again covered, I miss you my fair weathered friend if you were here we would grab a burger and laugh until we cried!


Sonia said...

All the things you strive for: to be a better wife, friend, listener, and're already there. Stay warm and keep your head up, your boys will be great men, I just know it :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a good post! I got all caught up in feeling sorry for myself yesterday. Caught up in the busy nothingness of my life. Then last night I took the girls to see Mamma Mia and even though it's lame to learn something from a movie, I bawled at the scene just before the wedding! You have to see it, it's really good and even the boys might like it (great music) point is, you're right...make the best of every day!

Karen said...

love ya girl! just thinking about you today. more snow huh? we are going to be near 70 today - it did rain last night, so it is kind of dreary right now. miss ya!

RBS said...

Wonderful thoughts. It sounds like you are making a difference in many lives.

MrsReese said...

I admire you...I miss you so much. Why can't MD and Utah be closer? :P