Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I hate email

Since we have moved to Utah, I have had nothing but email problems! I hate email here it is so frustrating! Either I cannot send or I cannot receive! This place sometimes really makes me crazy!

Enough about that at least I can blog! Do you ever fill like you just have to much on your plate? That is how this week feels to me, maybe it is just the mood I am in. I get so irritated at how I feel and want to just feel normal again. I hope this is just not my new normal! Still plagued by the loss of my dad, trying to help my mom and my sister is feeling the same way. I wish I knew the answer to just feel joy once more. Some days are easy to get through and others just seem overwhelming. These are not normal emotions for me. I know that they are for most, but not me. I like to just be.

I am happy that time seems to be flying by me. Now that it is almost mid-November. I sit and think of where the time has gone. I am tempted to put up my Christmas tree that always seems to brighten my mood. Now to just find the time to be able to do that. Next week is a short week the boys only have school for 3 days so maybe then.

I know enough of my rambling. I am trying so hard to not just get stuck in this place. I am not a self-centered person and right now I feel like one.


lvs2dance said...

I say put the tree up now! It ALWAYS brightens my mood too. It was so fun to see you tonight, I'm glad that you were able to make it. Call me and we can arrange to get you that cartridge.