Saturday, February 14, 2009


As I ponder the last year and half and all that i have learned this time around, I am amazed at times. I find my faith more profound, my lack of let's just say caring what others think less ( like it could be less then before I know).

I find myself back to center more times then not. I have learned to see the world from a whole new perspective. I have learned to question everything. Test all things to know the truth for yourself Rachel, not just because someone says it is so. That is what my parent's always use to say.

Now in my mid 30's I find myself doing that more and more these days. Not only questioning like before, but seeking to know the truth for myself. I find myself leaning more and more on what I know to be true, not judging other's for what they do or choose to believe.

I believe this life is personal your faith, your relationships, your children. I think unless someone is in danger you should keep your opinions to yourself unless asked. I choose to parent my children and I do not want anyone elses opinion on how to do that. They are mine, God gave them to me and I am the one who will answer for them no one else. My faith it was meant to be personal and I like it that way to have a relationship with my maker is a beautiful thing and I do not think that others should tell you what that looks like apart from the Bible, my friendships they are what makes you up and keep you grounded.

I think we should all find clarity in what we believe and why we believe it and search to know the truth for yourself!