Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There are many times that I miss the comfort of home. To know that you have people who love you no matter what. They accept you as you are with no pre-tense, they love you even when you make a mistake. I often think about the people that I love, and the friends that I have made over the years. The funny thing is the ones that you thought were your true friends most times are not and the faithful ones the ones you will carry with you all of your life are a surprise.

One of my good friends here in Utah is not someone that I thought I would be close to, other then we go to church together and our kids go to the same school. But, that was in the beginning, now I know that we are so much more then that. See I believe a true friend is not someone who tells you what you want to hear or even makes you feel better all the time. But, instead it is the person who will call you out, who will be there for you no matter what and she is that person for me. The funny thing is that she and my best-friend share so many of the same qualities and they we born n the same day of the same year and are the same age (which is much older then me lol).

I am very thankful for her and she has helped me so much over the last year with the passing of my father. She has been a true friend and I love her for that. Thank you.... for just being you!


Cathy said...

I agree! A good friend will help you grow into the person you are meant to become.