Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some things are better left unsaid...

Sometimes I feel like you have to pick your own battles!
I am a pretty approachable person and people take to much freedom with what they say.
I think that we should all learn to be more sensitive to others and their views,
or even to what they might be going through in life.
That being said what is wrong with a little diversity? I personal happen to love it, it is one of the main things I miss living in Utah. And, I don't mean that because of the religious views.
Yes, I am a non-LDS living in Utah, but that has not bothered me. It is the lack of cultural difference here along with racial.
I have lived in a lot of big cities in the US and miss diversity. I miss a difference of opinion. Even in the church that I attend there is a sense of it is my way or no way, that I am not sure to.
I miss people just caring for one another with out pretense.

Where I am from in Oklahoma and Texas, people speak slower, I think they think more before they speak, and they just care with big heart.

I miss home and the 60 degree weather they have right now. I miss Tex-Mex and no one caring what you are doing!

I think that people should be concerned a little more with themselves, care about others without crossing bounds that you should be respectful of, and only give there opinion when asked!