Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life has Season's

My father would always tell me that life has season's. Season's of sorrow, joy, happiness, wealth and silence. Now that I am in my mid 30's and having my 5th child, I can look back and see how much I have changed and what season's I have been in. The lesson's we learn along the way if we stop and reflect always help us in our current place. They give you strength to draw from, knowing where you have been and what you have made it through. These things give you hope, hope that the challenges you face you will overcome. All it takes is a little faith not alot just a little, the faith of a mustard seed. The most difficult things have brought me the greatest joy, the deepest sorrow has brought me the most peace. I hope that one day I can leave a profound impression on my children that we they face the mountains in this world they will know that they can conquer them. That as each chapter unfolds there is a new story about to be written and you can draw a inner strength from the road you have traveled no matter how rocky it has been.


Cathy said...

I missed you today...MOPS isn't the same without you. Have you ever thought of writing professionally? You are so eloquent.