Thursday, September 3, 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not the sensitive type. If you need extra care I am not the girl for you. I am sure life made me that way. Leaving home at 16 working in downtown Fort Worth 400 miles aways from friends and family taught me more then a few things. I figure if I can deal with whatever the rest of the world should be able to as well. But, as you grow up thing seem to become more complex, the people in your life become more complex and all come with there own set of issues. I don't go out of my way to hurt others, though yes sometimes it happens. I'm not the kind of person who stays mad, I normally speak my mind then I'm over it. I hold no grudge and try to live my life without regret. For the most part I am an open book. If you get the privilege of being considered a true friend of mine I would do anything in the world for you. I will treat you like I want to be treated by a friend. I put great value on my relationships not only with friends, but my family as well. Everyone who comes in and out of our lives has something valuable to give. They are woven into the fibers of who we are, they help shape and refine us. So if I do not tell you enough how much you mean to me just know that you do! That I love and care about you and even though I am not sensitive, I will still try!


Anonymous said...

I love that about you! It's refreshing to have such an honest friend who doesn't need their ego stroked OR feel the need to stroke mine. HA! ;)

Guess what? I think Texas has made me a hugger!!! Ahahhhhhhh!!!

Capri said...

What I wonder is what triggers you to say such things? You are just a big bowl of butter...butter!!! And I love you!!!