Monday, January 19, 2009


Well after last night and today I am feeling pretty accomplished. I have completed 2- 12x12 one page layouts and 7 12x12 two page layouts and a mini-album. I know to many of you this may not seem like a big deal. But, with my dad passing away I have want to complete a few things and this was one of them. I want to leave a story for my children long after I am gone. The most important pieces of life and everyday moments. So they will have these physical memories for the rest of their lives. I know I am cheesy and that is perfectly fine with me.

The boys love to sit and look at the scrapbooks now and talk about when they were little ( like they are so big now). They talk about where we lived at the time, who there firends were and what they liked most. With moving every two years I work hard to help them remember everything.

It also makes me think about them each indiviually as opposed to my boys all lumped together. They each have very special qualities.

By the way Shanna we were looking at the pics of K-1 and Charlie yeah he turned red all over and talked about how he misses hanging out with her! When did it stop being playing with her to hanging out with her???? And about going to the movies and getting to sit by themselves??? Like we were so far away (being right behind them) but, I guess it made him feel big!

So today I feel accomplished and we will see what tomorrow holds! Yes, my phone ringers were off all day not sure how that happened, but no complaints!