Thursday, January 1, 2009

Life in motion!

This is what my afternoon was like... the boys and I went and saw Bedtime Stories...very cute!

Then we came home and made dinner, the boys were talking about what they were like when they were younger. Not that they are so old or something! So we watched old home movies from when they were born and when they were little!

So cute, make me think of how fast time is moving. When you are young you think it will last forever, then when you are older you wish it would you could turn back the hands of time.

I don't know about you, but my days were spent with friends and fishing. River parties and skippin class till we got caught!

My sister was always one of my closest friend, well she had to be we moved every two years. The best times were when we lived in San Fransisco and we would hang out on the block, ride the bus down to Pacifica and watch 2 movies for $2.50. It would take up most of our day! We would walk along the beach and talk to the surfers and just lay in the sand.

These are the type of memories that I want the boys to have. moving around only made me stronger. Moving made me more outgoing. I had to be if I wanted to make friends and I think that seeing all the different cultural places has made me a more open minded person. I tend to see more then one side of the box.

I hope that has not changed? We will see with our next move someday!

I hope that 2009 is on to bigger and better things for us. That we are blessed beyond measure and that where ever we go next is a new season in life foe us.

I hope that yours brings you more love and laughter then your heart and hands can hold!


Anonymous said...

Hey! If there are any songs you want added to the play list, send me a list with title and artist and I'll get them added! ;)

It's actually MY playlist so if you want me to set up one of your own with your own music, let's set you up with a Project Playlist account!