Monday, January 5, 2009

It's a great life if you don't weaken...

That is a line from the movie Stella and one I tend to use alot. The snow is back and I am not feeling the love of it all. I am suppose to go to the airport tonight to pick up a friend and her family, so yeah not looking forward to that. Plus, her flight keeps getting delayed!

A few things I have been thinking about lately...

How to live a more compelling life!

I know strange deep things are what make up my thoughts and many of you do not get to see that side of me except through writing. Writing is where it all flows out of!

To me it is not so much measures in my self worth, accomplishments that most people would count as so.

To me it is about the heart and the things that matter most. It is about me and them. My boys all 5 of them if you include the giant one. It is about my mom, my friends. I often think of it as a quilt. The fabric that you sew together to tell a story. Each person has a special place. I don't ever want life to get out of control, where I do not have enough time for what matters most. So many things come and go in our lives we find out pretty quickly what matters. It is those who stand beside you no matter what. It is about the memories that you create, because that is what lives on long after you are gone.

i have been thinking about the things that I miss the most about my dad. And about what would be missed of me. At my father's funeral I wrote and read the eulogy. I had to cut it down several times because it was just to long. It was hard trying to remove parts of it, because they all meant so much to me. I want to leave that for my children to much to even be able to put it into words!


Anonymous said...

Stella!!! LOL

Ok well, I'm glad you have this blog to get out all your deep and meaningful thoughts!