Friday, January 30, 2009

My life with Boys

I know it sounds like a great title for a book or song. Some days I need girl time because I get so much boy time. So outside of family one of the best things for me is girl time. Every where we have moved I have been blessed with friendships that stand the test of time and distance. Thanks to email, telephones, blogs and facebook. It seems that everywhere we move I have a couple of really close friends that stay in touch and vice-versa.

I love that the one thing I need most I always seem to find! Tonight the boys are staying over with some friends from church, Kevin works late and I get some alone time. How will I spend my time you ask? Cleaning of course, nothing like having a empty house all to yourself.

Next year I will venture into a new phase of my life were K1,K2 and K3 will be in school everyday and K4 will be in preschool. I am not sure what all of that will feel like, but I think it will be more productive. Even as I sit and write this K4 is right beside me coloring!

He is always asking me mommy what will you do when I go to school?
me: Well, I will be at home or running errand like I do with you?
K4: All by yourself mommy?
me: Yes honey
K4: Will you be sad?
me: No I will be fine.
K4: Mommy, I want you to have a real live baby?
me: Why?
K4: Because I don't want you to be by yourself at home you might cry?

Note to self don't cry when he goes to school he will be so upset.

Even though being the mother of boys can be trying, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. They are some great guys that never cease to amaze me. They are very thoughtful, they play great together, they love being with just us. They are not high maintenance, they are just happy!

I love that about them!


Debbie said...

What a precious son he is to be worried about you. I have three sons too (and one daughter) and they are great.