Monday, December 8, 2008


I cannot say enough about the women who make up the fabric of my life...I LOVE THEM...

Today I talked to Madeline for a long time. She is so much fun she is twice my age and is such a source of inspiration and knowledge because she has already been there and done that! i love you haggatha :)

These women where would I be without them.

They make me laugh

They make me cry

They make me not take myself to seriously!

They take me as I am and if you know me you know that I can be hard to handle at times to say the least.

I got a card the other day from Karen... She is truly one of the nicest people and is always so giving of herself. I am so thankful to have her in my life! She knows just how to cheer me up!

I sent out happy mail to a few people...Shanna will be getting Christmas and birthday all in one I hope that it does not break in shipping Shanna.

Everywhere we move I am so amazed at the relationships that we create that stick with us through it all. The Mariners are a good example of that. All of the places we go and we always find friends that are just like having family, like here in Utah we have the Thomas family.

I know I am just rambling but unlike Shanna I look for ways to not have to do the laundry!

I feel blessed beyond measure today! I was going through alot last week and at one point was so upset I did not know where to turn, so of course I talked to my mom. After talking to my mom I was in the car listening to the radio and all 3 of the songs my sister sang at my dad's funeral and one that we did at the graveside together played one right after the other. Since then I have felt close to my dad even though he is not present. I felt as though God was looking right into my heart and knew what I needed in that moment.

So even though I know there will be tears still in the absence of a giant force in my life I feel as though we are not apart. I don't know how you feel about that and even before that happened to me I was not for sure how I felt about it but now I feel blessed! As I just sat in the car and let the tears wash over my soul. I am not a big cry person so when I do it really counts. That day I could not control it I just sat there like a crazy person crying in my car.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you let it out! It sounds like you're starting to feel a little bit better though and I'm glad you have people there you can count on!